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Enhance your teams document automation skills with Docsma's Contract Express training

Docsma's Contract Express training and development encompasses hands-on activities that can improve the document automation skills of an individual or group within your organization. This training typically involves advancing a worker's knowledge and skill sets, as well as instilling greater motivation to enhance document automation performance. Common Contract Express training topics include:

  • Assembling documents with Contract Express, including document creation and management, along with using questionnaires.
  • Developing Contract Express templates, starting with the basic principals and gradually moving on to expert concepts.
  • Contract Express Administration, including deploying templates and version control, group management, and implementing additional features.

The benefits of Docsma's document automation training

Make it personal

Tailor skills and learning experiences uniquely to employees' goals and interests with our document automation training.

More productivity

When employees are proficient with document automation, they can increase output per employee work hour.

Increased consistency

Well-organized training ensures documents are assembled correctly and templates are coded uniformly  resulting in higher accuracy and greater efficiency.

Hands-on approach

Using real examples, your team will not only learn the concepts of document automation, but how to confidently apply them with our Contract Express training.

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